Systen Overview

The following quotation is for a number of Robo-Rivet systems for the automated drilling of holes and feed and placement of structural blind fasteners. The system will include customization for fastener type and various options.
As a part of this quote, ARM will build, supply and support the tool package under the terms of the equipment warranty provided for herein.
Each tool is capable of drilling and placement of a blind fastener approximately every 8-10 seconds, but additional process time for deep holes, inspection, chip collection, etc. can add to this cycle. Robot motions, tool changing and rovot handshake protocol may also require additional cycle time.

02. ROBO-RIVET_특징 및 장점


· Fully automated drill and rivet tools integrated into a compact assembly
· Servo control of drill and rivet axes with force feedback and fault detection
· Automatic fastener feed and pintail collection systems
· Presser foot and chip collection option for extracting debris
· Vision system hardware mounts for part inspection and/or guidance
· Multiple Robot Rivet tools can operate from a single Supply Cabinet
· End of Arm Tooling or stanchion/gantry configurable with process specific versions available


· Enables fastening of dissimilar materials
· Matched drilling ensures perfect hole alignment
· Labor and ergonomic savings
· Easier to implement than self-piercing fastener tools
· Enhanced productivity and throughput
· Fastening process assurance with data acquisition
· Unmatched quality of finished joint

03. ROBO-RIVET_Advantages-1

Ability to join dissimilar

  • · Aluminum / Steel
  • · Aluminum / Carbon Fiber
  • · Aluminum / Polymer

Holes are drilled in lieu of

  • · Material is mechanically removed
  • · Prevents fractures in castings due to material grain structural deformation

Matched Drilling

  • · Holes are accurately aligned
  • · Prevents sheet creep

High clamping force with a
"pull up" motion

  • · Large clamping area = less fasteners
  • · The fastening process pulls the parts together

Drill and rivet process are performed on one side of the part

  • · Eliminates the need for a backing mandrel
  • · Creates additional degrees of freedom for within the work cell

The fastening process will not "boil-off" adhesive

  • · The drilling process does not plasticize the material (melt through friction), as required with some self-piercing fasteners

The blind side of the rivet is

  • · Absence of sharp edges that are present from with some self-piecing fasteners
  • · Prevents injuries to factory and maintenance/repair personnel

Fastening flexibility

  • · Fixture parts for the curing of joining adhesive
  • · Solely used as a structural fastener

04. ROBO-RIVET_Advantages-2

05. ROBO-RIVET_Applications

[Mixed Materials Joining]

[Automotive Body in White]

[Truck, Tractor and Trailer Manufacturing]

[Aluminum Structures and Frames]

[Fixation for Adhesive Bonding]

[Rail Car Assembly]

06. ROBO-RIVET_Spec.

Robo-Rivet General Specifications

Fastener Type The Robo-Rivet system is adaptable for use with many blind fastener types and sizes
Drill Spindle Speed Up to 24,000 RPM
Drill / Rivet Cycle Time <5 Seconds (varies by application)>
Controls Interface Standalone controls with onboard HMI and communication Interface
Factory Options Chip Collection System, Vision Hardware, Drill Cooling System, Tool Change Cradle

Robo-Rivet Dimensions

[Side View (mm [in])]

[Front View (mm [in])]

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