01. FSW_개요

  • · An ABB Function Package is a fully configured, ready-to-use, robot solution for a specific application delivering high quality and high performance.
  • · Using ESAB G2 FSW equipment, including shoulder (conventional or stationary shoulder)
  • · ABB IRB7600 500kg/IRB8700 800kg with ABB force control option, via built-in sensor of FSW head
  • · Dress package
  • · FSW software for communication and process control, compliance with ISO 25239-1

[FSW Machine]

컨트롤 advantageous
견고함 advantageous
설비 공간 요구사항 Less advantageous
작업 공간 advantageous
3D-작업 Less advantageous
용입 깊이 advantageous
투자비 Less advantageous

[FSW Robot]

컨트롤 advantageous
견고함 Less advantageous
설비 공간 요구사항 advantageous
작업 공간 advantageous
3D-작업 advantageous
용입 깊이 Less advantageous
투자비 advantageous

02. FSW_시스템 구성도

[FSW Head EWH50]

[ABB Robot IRB 7600/8700
DressPack for FSW]

[ESAB Head Controller]

[Cooler OCE-2]

[App. SW based Force control Easy-use HMI in Flex Pendant]

03. FSW_Robot 사양

[IRB 8700 - High payload robot]

[IRC5 - Industrial Robot Controller]

04. FSW_Head 사양(ESAB - EWH50)

[FSW Robotic Head - EWG50]

[Flange between Head and robot]

[Head controller]

[Liquad cobling unit]

Rated continuous corrent (peak) 46,9A (104,5A)
Spindle rotation (max) 4000 rpm
Spindle power 20 kW
Number of poles 10
Connections Motor cooling and tool cooling 2 Hose sockets, ID 6 mm (Optional:connect to Cooler OCE-2H, 230V 50/ 60Hz, 1phase)
Tool holder Weldon 25
Axial force 15 kN
Radial Force 4,5 kN
Force sensor for axial force (Capacity Load Cell type) Resolution 20 kN/1000, Accuracy 0,1
Operating Temperature +5 up to +50℃
Dimensions L=297mm, Dia=232mm
Weight 60kg

05. FSW_Applications(Clean Sky)

[FSW Robotic Head - EWG50]

Clean Sky project-Europe

  • · Material: 6082
  • · Pin depth: 5mm
  • · Robot : IRB8700 800kg

06. FSW_Applications(Battery Tray)

  • · Material: 6063-T5
  • · Pin depth: 3mm/5mm
  • · Robot: IRB7600 500kg
  • · Material: 6063-T6
  • · Pin depth: 2mm
  • · Robot: IRB7600 500kg
  • · Material: 6063-T6、6005A-T7
  • · Pin depth: 3mm
  • · Robot: IRB7600 500kg
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